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Attention Grillers, Skull Lovers and Metalheads

We've Developed The 'Most Badass Product' This Year

That Almost Nobody Knows About...

We’re part of an underground group of BBQ Pit Masters that you’ve probably never heard of.

Yet you’ve probably heard whispers about the skull shaped charcoal we’ve been using and thought it’s the stuff of legends.
Just 2 short years ago Skull Charcoal was nothing more than a great idea, but big charcoal companies blew it off as impossible.

Which really ticked us off, we don’t believe that word should exist. If no one would make it for us, we’d make it ourselves.

At first it wasn’t easy. There was very little technology, it was time consuming and required a lot of trial and error.

Eventually we got it right, and now we’re transforming BBQs all across the world.
Our Skull Charcoal is highly detailed, from individual teeth to cracks on the head. 

We made them like that so you only need a few to completely transform your BBQ.

They burn well and are completely food safe.
  • High Detail: Each piece is carefully crafted into a perfect skull
  • Burns & Glows: Watch your charcoal skull glow as it is engulfed in flames
  • Food Safe: Unique combo of charcoal and food grade adhesive

Skull Charcoal Is Great For Any Occasion

  • If you’re wanting to entertain family and friends at your next BBQ, Skull Charcoal's for that.
  • ​If you’re wanting to give a unique gift to someone that you know they’ll love, Skull Charcoal's for that.
Our Skull Charcoal screams quality, because it is. From every ingredient to the box it’s delivered in.
The first batch we made sold out in less than 2 weeks and since then we’ve helped thousands of people achieve the impossible just like our vision 2 years ago.

And now we want you to have the same experience. What took us months to perfect, you can have in your hands in a matter of days.

When you get our Skull Charcoal today

  • A box of highly detailed skulls individually moulded to perfection that will completely transform your next BBQ.
  • The skulls are presented in a stylish rigid box that make an unmatched gift.

We can’t wait for you to fire up some skulls on your bbq so order now and we’ll send them out right away.