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About Charskulls®

Sitting around the fire, you and your friends look around out into the darkness, far out beyond the glow that lights up your faces and seems to bounce off the cloudy sky above. There is a certain magic to a burning fire: it brings us together. It makes us feel alive, too. Every fire, of course, can use a little extra magic, and toward that end, we have created Skull Charcoal – a unique piece of charcoal art that will give your fire's atmosphere just a little more bad-ass than it would have otherwise.

Skull Charcoal has gone viral on Facebook, generating a ton of buzz and excitement. The reason why is clear – Skull Charcoal is every pitmasters dream come true. People also want to take the already-thrilling campfire pastime and knock it up a notch, taking the fine craft of lighting and maintaining a fire to new heights. While you may start off a fire with some ordinary charcoals, you can imbue it with all the spooky wonder of a skull later on. 

More people across the world are realizing once again that cooking meat on coals is best way to have a BBQ. Our Charskulls® are made with food grade adhesive so that they're safe for your food. Simply add a few to your normal briquettes and watch how these Charskulls® transform your fire.

🔥 Watch How 3 Skull Charcoals TRANSFORMS YOUR BBQ🔥

Using a unique mix of high-quality charcoal and wood, our Charcoal Skulls are carefully made and burn exceptionally well.

Box sizes:
A Small box contains 3 high quality skulls
A large box contains 6 high quality skulls

Both sizes come in a stylish rigid box to make the perfect novelty gift.