Welcome to Skull Charcoal 2.0

Welcome to Skull Charcoal 2.0

Introducing Charskulls™ & the Coffin Box

We've been hard at work updating Skull Charcoal based on your feedback and we're excited to show you the updates.

One question we received countless times is why we never called these Charskulls. We didn't have a really good answer and thought that was a really good idea so decided that's just what we'll do.

We also understand that while Skull Charcoal might not be economical to pile into the BBQ by the pound, it does make a kickass gift for Skull and BBQ enthusiasts. So we made changes to the box that amplifies the WOW factor. The inside of the box is now dark red and the Skulls sit snug inside their own coffin.

Last but not least, the Skulls are also bigger all round.

Right now the new improved Charskulls are being sent when you order a large box. Small boxes to arrive soon.

Ready to get yours? Use code CHARSKULLS2020 for 30% OFF any Large Box of Charskulls. Click here to get yours.