The naked mystical warmth

The naked mystical warmth

It was a warm, musky evening with everyone dressed in the delightfully bare minimum and yet ironically the naked and mystical warmth of the flame drew everyone in closer forming a circle of laughter, chatter and sense of satisfied comfort around the fire.

Jay reappeared from the house “Check these out,” he said as he walked up to the group. “I bet you have never seen a six pack like this before,” he gloated as he offered up a box of Charskulls.

“Whaaat??? Those are “sick” bro, “exclaimed Kay. “Where did you get them from?”
Jay smiled cheekily with a secretive glint in his eye as he placed one on the fire. “Watch this “baby” burn and glow boys and girls,” he said knowingly.

Skull Charcoal so cool, “ said Bee, “I never get tired of them hey. They are so dynamic in their fiery behavior man and always seem to give you something different.”

“WOAH, how crazy is that,” exhaled Kay as the Charskull popped and winked in response to Bee’s acknowledgement. “That skull is alive bro!”


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