Sex, Politics or Religion

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Sex, Politics or Religion

Warm, impulsive energy had once again drawn a group of family and friends together. The kids burning up an endless supply of calories as they scorched around the garden in youthful brilliance, freedom and inventiveness. The moms preparing salads and sides with a glass of jubilant wine always within arm’s length while the guys gathered around the new born fire sliding down a few ice cold, thirst quenching golden lagers while debating matter of the day with humorous vigor and opinionated authority.

Jays thoughts drifted as he lost himself within the mesmerizingly melodic sights and sounds of the flame dance. “Always one of the three topics of discussion,“ he mused, “sex, politics or religion, well that’s about to change,” his thought continued on as he smiled, picked up the tongs and silently placed a skull in the middle of the homemade furnace.

Hey check that out!“ Jay blurted taking a rehearsed step backwards. “there is a skull in the coals!!!”
Time took a long deep breath as the bewildered enveloped the slow-motion attention of all, driving their eyes towards the BBQ.

The kids were the first to react, ”Ha Ha Ha that’s so cool Jay,” they shrieked as the jubilantly bounded in for a closer look. “Can I put another skull on the barbie uncle Jay, please, please please uncle Jay ….. where did you get them from???”

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