Romantic Aura

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Romantic Aura

The fire snapped and crackled sending a shimmering cloud like display of fine exuberant sparks upwards in sharp but attuned contrast to the mesmerising slow motion swaying of the blue tinged warm orange glow of the flame dance.

Neither of them had spoken as they sat snuggled up on the couch. They didn’t need to as the warm comfort of their bodies enveloped and encompassed all that needed to be said, so when she did, it was so gentle it was almost as though it was only a thought, “It’s crazy how the fire kind of like lives within and owns your wine, she breathed as she gazed through her glass into the flames…. “I thought you had forgotten,” she continued on snuggling deeper into the comfort of their bond. “Whaaat!?!?!? Valentine’s day??? Never man!!! This is our time --- our time to romance. I know we do all the time,” he laughed. “But this is special.”

Then, “hey what’s that over there?” she questioned motioning towards the strategically placed box. “Dunno?” he replied gently unwinding himself and moving towards it. “Oh its for you?“ he said frowning questionably. “Really? What is it?” she asked reaching out and stripping off the wrapping. “SKULL CHARCOAL!!! Oh WOW that is sooo cool!!! I have heard about these… They like come alive,” she said excitedly and opening the box. “These are so different!!! Gosh that was a surprise --- So excitingly different! … And I’m not sure if its my mood or not? But they have this strange romantic aura about them --- Lets put one on the fire,” she said standing up and moving towards it. “Who knows what will happen next?” she said looking back over her shoulder with a sultry and oh so sexy glint in her eyes.


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