Primeval Anticipation

skull charcoal -

Primeval Anticipation

The three sat in the echoing stillness of the late evening. Most of the creatures of the land had already snuggled down in their liars for the night, but for those of the deep – this was prime feeding time. Jay, Bee and Jenny were literally vibrating with primeval anticipation, their inner ears, body hairs and inexplicable instinctive energies tuned into every twitch of the rod tip, click of the reel and glint imparted by the water, all while simultaneously miles away with their thoughts as they gazed into the fire – transfixed by not only the golden richness dancing to the background crackle and hiss but in particular by the Charskull™ that glowed in the warmth of its eternity.

The fire slumped as it melted its very own foundation, this causing the piece of Skull Charcoal™ to lie down backwards staring up towards the sky and prompting all three to do the same. “WOW” said Jay, “how is that for a star scape?” “Mystical bro… supernatural man,” breathed Bee.

An awestruck silence descended on the three and then instinct suddenly and blatently sent Jenny running for her rod before it actually moved, the fishing real was screaming it’s head off before she was able to pick it up, striking hard to set the hook. “WOOHOO I’m in,” she exclaimed. “Hey Jay,” shouted Bee as he ran up to support Jenny on the waters edge, “Feed the fire there a bit bro … and straighten up ol’ skull face. This is going to be a big night! … Go girl,” he encouraged Jenny as the fish turned and went scorching off towards the mouth.


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