Delectable Warm Rush

Delectable Warm Rush

“Ooh its so nice and cosy in here,” she said as she snuggled her head back in his lap. “I know hey,” he agreed massaging her perfumed hair against her head. “Mmm that’s feels sooo good,” she growled gently.

Jay put his hand behind her shoulders and gently pushed up into a sitting position, “Hey do you want to roast some marshmallows?” he asked sliding his legs out from underneath her. “Marshmallows? Oh yum,” she exclaimed excitedly licking her gleaming and delicious lip glossed lips. Jay watching closely caught himself just before the delectable, warm rush of pleasure exploded in his brain. “Come over here,” he breathed taking her hand and drawing her closer to in front of the fire and removing the the cloth covering the pre prepared delights.

She examined the contents quizzingly and then Jay spoke with a gentle authority, “ok so this is how it’s done … Put the marshmallow on one of these sticks aaand dip it in the brandy, then… in the fire… just above the skull,” he grinned. She gasped, “what is that…its sooo cool!!! Where did you get it from??? “I’ll show you later,” he replied nonchalantly and now in full control of the “stage”. “Ok so skull face will set fire to the brandy…” That is so cool,” she interrupted excitedly, “where do you get those from???” “I’ll show you later,” he sighed exaggeratedly with a mischievous smile on his face. “Now c’mon, focus … ok so don’t burn the marshmallow,” he said pulling it out of the fire and blowing out the seductive, little blue flame. “Aaand now… dip it in this bowl of cream … and then twirl it in this bowl of flaked chocolate… and now try this,” he bragged placing the delectable treat in front of those lips.

“OH YUUUM!!! That is delicious, mmm taste,” she buzzed cheekily moving her lips onto his, and then, “Oh my gosh, ok,” as they both drifted back to planet earth, “its my chance to interact with skull face,“ she said determinedly, gosh this is fun!!! Delicious, yummy, buzzy fun!!!”

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