Dancing Flames

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Dancing Flames

The flames danced in the cool night air. It was dark and the warm orange glow gave just enough light to make out the figures around the fire. It had been a long day hiking through the forest, and it was nice to just sit and enjoy the quiet with a glass of sav. The only sound was that of the fire crackling as it consumed the dry branches. Growing in intensity the flames now a brighter orange with a touch of blue were throwing off tiny sparks that flew like fireflies into the dark surrounds. Coals were strategically placed, and I felt a rumble in my stomach with the thought of the sizzling steak that was still to come. The silence was broken by a distant howl. A wolf? Surely not in this part of the country. Overcome by sudden goosebumps I nuzzled closer to the fire. Staring into the coals now starting to glow red, I noticed a skull like shape. First a wolf now a skull? A burst of adrenaline snapped me out of my trance, and I stood up suddenly to grab a stick to poke at the fire. I moved the coals around to reveal the one in question and gasped as I realized that sure enough it was a skull!

Tom laughed as he came over to me and shone his torch on the Skull Charcoal box in his hand. Five remaining Charskulls neatly packed stared back at me. Confused, I picked one up and realized they were charcoal! Amazed by the detail and true likeness off skulls I now began to appreciate the beauty of the one glowing in the fire. The red now turning a bright orange shining through the eye sockets and the flames hugging its skeletal form.

There was laughter around the fire and excited conversation transformed the eerie silence. Feeling comfortable and happy with these friends I felt a sense of happiness and appreciation for life. The hike had been long and hard at times but so worth it! The relaxed atmosphere around the fire making the perfect contrast. The Charskull just added that extra spark to get the party going. Time to cook some steaks!


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