It was brisk outside, but the wind had died and the winter sunset had washed the evening sky with a warm glow of pastel pinks and oranges. The tantalising aroma of smoky prime rib rumbling more than one of the tummies that had been hanging out for the BBQ’d delight.

“Hey Bee,” said Jay, “cool idea bro. I was sooo over sitting inside glued to the TV like a zombie!”

“Yeh, damn its been a long winter already,” exclaimed Vee. “And I really can’t understand why we don’t do this more often? Its kinda like our tongues get stuck onto an icy track and we just accept it …” Vee paused and took a sip of her drink, “and yet if we just use our imagination… a couple of blankets, puffer jacket, beanie … a bottle of bourbon, boombox and a couple of steaks… the next instant this … friends, family fun, good food … living the life and loving living it instead of hibernating indoors just because its winter.

And that skull you placed on the grill hey Jay!!! That’s crazy man!!!” said Bee, “Crazy, cool!!! I can’t take my eyes off of it. Its like its alive bro! Bewitching…. like its about to gobble down one of those steaks,” he chuckled. “I’m gonna get myself a six pack of skull for this winter. This is the new me,” he stated raising his arms and stretching out backwards, “No more winter slug days moping around indoors … No more!!!

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